Training with us

When can we get involved?
Our sessions for scouts or charity event training all take place on Saturdays at 10am. Available dates will be shown below.

What does a session entail?
A session includes around 20 minutes of briefing on land to show everyone the drills and calls to listen out for. Once that’s done everyone will be kitted out with paddles and buoyancy aids and 
taken through a safety brief, then you will have about 45 minutes on the water.
The session will include some coaching and then a couple of short races.

How many people?
A dragon boat seats up to 20 paddlers and one drummer but can be handled by a minimum of 10. 

Where possible we will seat your group together in one boat, but we often have bookings from multiple teams training in the same sessions and so we may need to split groups between boats in order to fill the available seats.
The closer you can get to filling a boat the easier it is for us to organise and the more likely it is for you to be able to train together as a team.

How old do you need to be?
We do not recommend this activity for anyone aged under 12 as they will be physically too small to manage the size of the seats in the boat and of the paddles.

Where to find us
We are next to The City Ground on Trentside, at the end of the rowing clubs. Our address is below and we can also be found on Google Maps. Parking is available but the road is narrow so
please take care and park considerately.
18 Trentside N
West Bridgford

When will dates be available?

This can vary depending on availability of coaching staff but sessions are usually in the warmer months of summer for safety reasons.

For scout groups availability also depends on having enough adults to get the boats on to and off the water (it takes 14 strong adults to lift a boat safely).

No upcoming events at the moment